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Geen afbeelding beschikbaar

Linksys F1DN104K-3

Levertijd: tot 5 werkdagen.meer informatie
€ 596,50*
Verzendkosten va € 5,95*Overzicht verzendkosten
Linksys F1DN104K-3 KVM-switch Zwart

The Belkin Secure KM switches are ideal for data-intensive applications where information from multiple sources of varying security classes must be viewed on multiple displays in real time. The Belkin Secure KM switches comply with the latest NIAP Protection Profile Ver. 3.0 (PP3.0) standard. PP3.0 ensures agencies are using the latest security safeguards relating to Keyboard, Pointing Device, and Audio security.

- Seamless Cursor Switching (SCS) - allows you to transition automatically between highly isolated computers when the mouse cursor crosses the display border. Audio and Keyboard signals are also switched from one channel to the next as the point device moves from one display to the next.
- True data path isolation - Provides single, unbuffered, dedicated processor for each peripheral port to prevent data breaches.
- Lag-free, real-time switching - eliminates keyboard/mouse delay when switching between ports, offering a fluid and uninterrupted user experience.
- Hardware based peripheral protection - eliminates data leaks with hardware-controlled unidirectional data flows that allow the primary input devices (keyboard/mice, etc.) to communicate in only one direction, preventing data from flowing back to the input devices for enhanced security.
- Multi-monitor flexibility - predefined, ease-of-use configuration tool provides support of up to four displays per system.
- Secure compliance - NIAP Certified to latest Common Criteria Protection Profile PSS Ver 3.0, which exceeds EAL4 and PP PSS Ver. 2.1.
- Multiple Operating Systems - Windows, Linux, and Mac OS are all supported with no additional software installation. (Driver is required when multiple displays are connected to a single PC.)
- Unidirectional Optical Data Diodes assure data can only flow from devices to host
- Active tampering system
- Secure Labeling to provide visual indication of tampering
CertificeringFCC, UL, ICES
Eisen aan de omgeving
Relatieve luchtvochtigheid, in bedrijf0 - 80 procent
Temperatuur bij opslag-20 - 60 °C
Temperatuur, in bedrijf0 - 40 °C
AC invoer voltage100 - 240 V
Output current1,5 A
Spanning12 V
Gewicht en omvang
Breedte317,5 mm
Diepte157,5 mm
Gewicht1,95 kg
Hoogte48,3 mm
Ingebouwd displayNee
Kleur van het productZwart
Overige specificaties
Poorten & interfaces
Aansluiting muisUSB, PS/2
Aansluiting toetsenbordUSB, PS/2
Aantal computers4
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